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Oil recovery mechanical
  • Details: Features:  1. The unit is reasonable in structure, stable in performance, low in noise emission and easy for maintenance;  2. The horse head can be easily pivoted aside, upward or detached for well se...
  • Details: Benefits:  1. Long, Slow Strokes: Long stroke leads to high pump fill and less fluid impact; Low stroke means less wear on downhole equipment and less operational cost;  2. Belt Transmission: Power is...
  • Details: Benefits:  1、Grade C, D, K, KD, HX(eq.N97 ) and HY steel sucker rods and pony rods, regular hollow sucker rods, hollow or solid torque sucker rods, solid anti-corrosion torque b sucker rods, drive rod...
  • Details: Benefits:  1. Wide fluid range, applicable for wax bearing wells, sand cut wells or viscous oil wells with viscosity less than 5000mPa.s;  2. No gas lock, less dissolved gas release due to continuous ...
  • Details: Benefits:  It combines flexibility of PCP with reliability of ESP and is applicable for broader range of mediums. Extraordinary energy saving and no rod-tubing wear make it ideal for deviated and hori...
  • Details:   Tubing pumps are classified as THD pumps and THC or THM pumps. The standing valve of THC or THM pump can be hold and sealed by a mechanical or cup hold-down. Plunger together with standing valve can...
  • Details:   The rod drawn pump can be connected to sucker rod on the surface and then lowered into wells integrally through the tubing. Pump checks are easy and without the need of pulling and running the tubin...
  • Details:   The surface multiphase PCP is a positive displacement pump mainly composed of a rotor and a stator. The rotor adopts multi-lobe involute design to offer wide range of rotating speed with minimum pre...
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