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  Haixin in Dongying City is an independent and diversified petroleum equipment company supported by strong technical force. We are among the Chinese largest producers of major commodities including drill rigs; work over rigs, major drilling equipment, line pipes, Hydraulic pumping unit and other products along with substantial interests in oil and gas. Meanwhile haixin also offers diversified service related with drilling engineering professionally. 



  Hainxin located in Dongying Hekou economic development area in Shengli oil field, which is the second largest in China is registered with 20 million RMB, with a land area about 35000 square meters. We own 120 sets of petroleum equipments prepared for the excellent and qualified productions. There are 15 scientific achievements and 290 employees, including 9 professors, 15 senior engineers, 46 engineers and 50 petroleum engineering customer consultants devoting to the timely and perfect service.
  The company insists the operating mission which is “Take the technology as the pioneer, Take the customer as the center, and Take the market as the guidance.” We strive to exceed best industry practice and standards for Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Ship Management and have a sound quality assurance system, and by the American Petroleum Institute API certification. Meanwhile we use the guide “excellent production, high quality and satisfied service” in the whole company operation.
  Haixin is committed to the mission “To provide solution and service to the petroleum equipment industry in a timely and professional manner while continually exceeding our customer’s expectations”. Our business is not only successful in the domestic market but also supplied in the international market including Middle East, south America, north Africa, Russia, India, Australian and other areas.    
  In the face of the fierce completion, our assets are operated under a simple and scalable organizational structure supported by standardized and controlled processes allowing our people to focus on what is important. Our charter, which defines our values, purpose and how we measure success, provides the best production and excellent customer service.


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